What is the difference between an Operating Budget and a Capital Budget?

    The municipal operating budget is funded mainly from the tax base (residential and business property taxes). The municipal capital budget is funded mainly through grants and reserves and is not tax funded.

    Changes made to the operating budget can affect the property tax rates for residents and businesses, where the capital budget deals mainly with infrastructure and would not affect property tax rates for residents or businesses.

    How can I get involved in the budget process?

    All budget information sessions and deliberations are public! You can attend virtually or in-person.

    You can send an email directly to the Mayor or Councilor of your choice. Their contact information can be found on the City website HERE.

    There will also be several different opportunities to provide feedback on the 2022 budget through online public consultation.

    Who can participate in budget consultations?

    The City of Wetaskiwin budget generally only affects residents of the City of Wetaskiwin directly. As such, residents, mainly tax payers, are the target audience of the consultation sessions.

    However, if you have a thought or idea you would like to share, you can send it to haveyoursay@wetaskiwin.ca or contact the Mayor or Councilor of your choice. Mayor and Council contact information is available on the City website HERE.

    Who should I contact if I have a question about a budget item?

    You can ask a Question on this page, or send an email to haveyoursay@wetaskiwin.ca.