Community Vision

    What is a community vision?

    Community visioning is a process of engaging community members to find out what they value most about Wetaskiwin and to share concerns, ideas, and aspirations for its future. Through this discovery, citizens are given a platform to discuss what they would like Wetaskiwin to look and feel like in 50 years and come to a mutually agreed upon vision.

    Why do a 50-year community vision?

    50 years may seem like a long time to many of us, but the future always arrives faster than most people expect. Conducting a 50-year vision allows the entire community room to be creative and innovative in envisioning Wetaskiwin in 2070, whether its for their future selves, their children, or their children's children. This community vision will help guide every level of decision making within the City--and would be a huge help to every other agency and organization within Wetaskiwin. If we know where we want to be, then we can all work together in making that future a reality.