What is a Municipal Development Plan?

    A Municipal Development Plan is a statutory plan that outlines how a municipality will develop over time.  A Municipal Development plan is a municipality’s principal statutory plan and is adopted by bylaw.

    The Municipal Government Act (MGA) provides the legislative framework under which all municipalities must operate. Specifically, the MGA directs that Municipalities must adopt a municipal development plan that meets the requirements laid out by Municipal Government Act. 

    Why do does the Municipal Development Plan need to be updated?

    It is important to update and renew a Municipal Development Plan to ensure that it meets the requirements laid out by the MGA.  It is also important that an MDP evolves over time to reflect the attitudes and perspectives of the community as well as respond to changing trends in development, land use, and growth.

    What does a Municipal Development Plan do?

    A Municipal Development Plan helps guide and shape growth and development in the city. It provides direction on future land use, development, urban design, transportation, and other service areas.  The MGA outlines topic areas that must be addressed.  Typically, topics include:

    • Future Land Use Patterns
    • Growth Management
    • Urban Form and Design
    • Economic Development
    • Heritage Preservation
    • Environmental Management
    • Housing & Neighbourhood Design
    • Commercial, and Industrial Development
    • Parks, Recreation and Culture
    • Community & Protective Services
    • Transportation
    • Utilities
    • Intermunicipal Planning

    What does this cost?

    The preparation of the document will be led by the City of Wetaskiwin Planning Department staff.  A cost of $35,000 was approved in the 2021 budget to support the project Community Engagement.  An RFP was released in October 2021 and was awarded to B&A Planning Group to support the public engagement program.